Freedom of Expression

4/11/2024 • Kayley Nagle

American Fiction writer Cord Jefferson to receive 2024 Paul Selvin Award.

Partners Celebrate Contract Victory

4/9/2024 • Evan Henerson

For veteran writing team David Weddle and Bradley Thompson, greater pension contributions make the future look bright.

A Credit to the Screenwriting Trade

4/5/2024 • Evan Henerson

Writers Guild Award Screen Laurel honoree Walter Hill reflects on his career.

Most Read

John Whittington identifies early signs indicating you may need to exercise caution.

3/1/2024 • Lisa Rosen

Escaping Hollywood's Quicksand

William Lucas Walker discusses work, life, and work about his life.

2/20/2024 • Louise Farr

New Black Narratives

Black writers reflect on the direction of Black art.

3/5/2024 • Evan Henerson

Standing up for the Crew

Many Unions, One Fight rally draws thousands, including hundreds of WGAW members.

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3rd & Fairfax: The WGAW Podcast

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Brit Marling | AFM Local 47 President Stephanie O’Keefe

Ep. 369

Francesca Sloane | Many Crafts, One Fight Recap

Ep. 368

Albert Kim | Matt Pearce on Organizing in the Newsroom

Ep. 367

Gina Yashere | Second City Educators Discuss Tentative Deal

Ep. 366

Cord Jefferson, and USC Adjunct Professors Fight for Unionization