5/31/2024 • Lisa Rosen

AAPI writers tell stories about telling their stories.

From the Frontlines to the Writers’ Room

5/24/2024 • Sonya Alexander

WGAW members who served in the military discuss the two arenas.

My Grandpa was a Writer in Action

4/30/2024 • Jessie Kahnweiler

“Shut up and listen to the world” and other things Alvin Boretz taught me.

New Black Narratives

2/20/2024 • Louise Farr

Black writers reflect on the direction of Black art.

We all have a story within us related to climate change. What’s yours?

5/27/2022 • Lynelle White

When Lightning Strikes

An Air Force pilot whose cockpit loses power in a storm goes on to fuel Army Wives.

A conversation between TV writers Kelechi Urama and Charmaine DeGraté

10/16/2020 • Karen Harris

I Got to Be in the Room Where It Happens

Karen Harris explains why serving on the WGAW Board was a gift and how the experience made her stronger.

10/16/2020 • Nancy De Los Santos

A Series of Firsts

Nancy De Los Santos reflects on what it was like to be elected the WGAW's first Latino/a board member and serving during the 2007-'08 strike.

Picture Yourself in Iowa

2/6/2024 • Kelly Hartog

Screenwriters Scott Beck & Bryan Woods open a movie house in their hometown of Davenport.