7/5/2024 • Evan Henerson

The WGAW Start Button is a tool for members to get paid.

Lights, Camera, PAC-tion!

6/21/2024 • Evan Henerson

WGAW Political Action Committee amplifies members’ voices.

Help is Their Business

6/14/2024 • Evan Henerson

The Entertainment Community Fund (ECF) continues to offer assistance and relief.

Jewish Writers Committee becomes newest WGAW Committee.

Drawing Lines

5/14/2024 • Robert Fulton

WGAW provides animation writers support to secure WGA contracts.

In onscreen depictions of the Guild, members show its powerful role.

In honor of Women’s History Month, a look at the early days of the WGAW Women’s Committee.

The Guild is ready to assist you.

6/1/2017 • J. E. Smyth

The First Woman President

President Mary McCall Jr. was a pioneer in Hollywood who fought for the rights of all writers.

Pushing the Green Envelope

5/10/2024 • Kelly Hartog

Strike hero Joelle Garfinkel reopens Green Envelope Grocery Aid.

Recollections from a Rebel Outpost

5/7/2024 • Evan Henerson

South Bay WGAW members bonded on the picket lines at Manhattan Beach Studios.

Newest WGAW members enjoyed support throughout contract campaign.

So Here’s the Deal…

4/23/2024 • Evan Henerson

Customized deal research by WGAW Agency Department leads to better results for writers.

A Step in the Right Direction

4/19/2024 • Evan Henerson

Guaranteed second step provision of 2023 MBA is a long-awaited gain for screenwriters.

Writers Guild Awards

Freedom of Expression

4/11/2024 • Kayley Nagle

American Fiction writer Cord Jefferson to receive 2024 Paul Selvin Award.

Partners Celebrate Contract Victory

4/9/2024 • Evan Henerson

For veteran writing team David Weddle and Bradley Thompson, greater pension contributions make the future look bright.

Writers Guild Awards

A Credit to the Screenwriting Trade

4/5/2024 • Evan Henerson

Writers Guild Award Screen Laurel honoree Walter Hill reflects on his career.

Writers Guild Awards

Designing a Career

4/2/2024 • Julio Martinez

Paddy Chayefsky TV Laurel Award honoree Linda Bloodworth Thomason took the road from Poplar Bluff to Hollywood.

Writers Guild Awards

Answering the Call to Serve

3/29/2024 • Evan Henerson

2023 WGA Negotiating Committee Co-Chairs Chris Keyser and David A. Goodman to receive Morgan Cox Award.

An Orientation to a United Guild

3/19/2024 • Evan Henerson

Newly-joined WGAW members applaud the solidarity.

Union Town

Musicians Union Hits All the Right Notes

3/13/2024 • Robert Fulton

Hollywood labor solidarity helps American Federation of Musicians gain streaming residuals, protections against AI, and health plan improvements.

Union Town

Standing up for the Crew

3/5/2024 • Evan Henerson

Many Unions, One Fight rally draws thousands, including hundreds of WGAW members.

The Guild Screenings turns 10.

Union Town

Uniting with UNITE HERE

2/13/2024 • Evan Henerson

The choice for the Writers Guild Awards venue was easy.

Welcome to the New Written by

2/6/2024 • Meredith Stiehm

The WGAW’s member publication gets a glow-up.

Cobra Kai staff writer Olga Lexell sees instant benefits of the new MBA.

Bringing Up Baby

2/6/2024 • Louise Farr and Evan Henerson

The WGA’s Paid Parental Leave benefit steps in to help.

Writers gained coverage of “new media” and a foothold in today’s massive streaming market.