2/13/2024 • Evan Henerson

The choice for the Writers Guild Awards venue was easy.

Welcome to the New Written by

2/6/2024 • Meredith Stiehm

The WGAW’s member publication gets a glow-up.

Cobra Kai staff writer Olga Lexell sees instant benefits of the new MBA.

Bringing Up Baby

2/6/2024 • Louise Farr and Evan Henerson

The WGA’s Paid Parental Leave benefit steps in to help.

Writers gained coverage of “new media” and a foothold in today’s massive streaming market.

In onscreen depictions of the Guild, members show its powerful role.

In honor of Women’s History Month, a look at the early days of the WGAW Women’s Committee.

The Guild is ready to assist you.

6/1/2017 • J. E. Smyth

The First Woman President

President Mary McCall Jr. was a pioneer in Hollywood who fought for the rights of all writers.