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  • DECEMBER 2019

    Season’s Viewings

    Screenwriters reflect on their holiday favorites.

    written by DONALD LIEBENSON
  • OCTOBER 2019

    Turning a Corner

    How Mark Hayes ran and wrote his way into Skid Row Marathon.

    written by LISA ROSEN
  • NOVEMBER 2018

    The Teenage Mother of the Monster

    “Tell me a ghost story.” And she did: Frankenstein.

    written by F.X. FEENEY
  • AUGUST 2018

    The Total Package

    American Vandal creators Tony Yacenda & Dan Perrault pay homage to true crime and the dick joke.

    written by BRANDON KIRBY
  • FEBRUARY 2018


    Lifelong friends and teammates Michael Young and Adrian Todd Zuniga create a story-driven game for EA Sports, earning a Writers Guild Award nomination for Madden NFL 18: Longshot.

    written by Vincent Page & Daniel Stayton
  • January 2018

    Now You’re In The Sunken Place

    Jordan Peele shares the awe-inspiring response he received from the public to his film, Get Out.

    written by JORDAN PEELE
  • September 2017

    Not Your Average Writers’ Workspace

    Episodes co-creators David Crane & Jeffrey Klarik talk about writing spaces—their own—in this exclusive video.

    written by LOUISE FARR
  • July 2017

    Rise of the Miniseries

    Whether it’s called a “limited,” “event,” or “anthology” series, the miniseries is back. This guide reveals what type of projects the networks are looking for in this popular format.

    written by JUDY & SANDRA BERG
  • June 2017

    The First Woman President

    President Mary McCall Jr. was a pioneer in Hollywood who fought for the rights of all writers.

    written by J. E. SMYTH
  • April 2016

    Jean Rouverol Butler, 1916-2017

    The Guild loses a Morgan Cox winner and one its most tireless servants.

    written by CHUCK SLOCUM